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Hypertext-Project for Cooperative Theoretical TSE-Research

Aachen, 27.12.2007

The overwhelming number of scientific publications on the subject of BSE, Scrapie, and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease simply makes it impossible for a single person or institute to connect the already available facts and experimental data and to combine them into confirmed knowledge. Broad interdisciplinarity and cooperation would be indispensable to cope with the flood of scientific TSE-literature. Because we understood literature research as an important supplement to experimental TSE research, Dr. Ingrid Schütt-Abraham and I run and offered a Hypertext-Project as a simple tool for a locally and temporarily independent working network since 2001. Despite in our eyes obvious social benefits and practical advantages of the project, we were unable to motivate other TSE experts to participate without payment. Therefore, the much to early death of my project partner ended our project.